The indeterminacy of the floor plan - Housing design strategies

Geistlich Areal in a+t Generosity Series

By introducing a courtyard open to the adjacent park, the project defies the intense noise pollution present on three sides of the site. This makes it impossible to line the apartments along the project's perimeter. Emerging from these orthogonal conditions, the apartments are instead angled, opening up to the courtyard. This results in diagonal spatial references within the apartments. The individual balconies created in the courtyard are close in proximity, but structured by a staggered offset. The resulting closeness of the residents sparks an atmospheric, “urban” density that activates this site on the outskirts of the city.

Aurora Fernández Per, "Rietpark Apartment Building - Housing design strategies", in: a+t Generosity series - The indeterminacy of the floor plan, issue 56, pp. 36-43

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